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Now available in 20+ pharmacies and health stores.

A Vegan & cruelty-free CBD skincare range.

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We are providing free CBD education and giving samples and testing of our products at the following pharmacies on the following days.

Monday (07.10.2019)


Tuesday (08.10.2019)


Wednesday (09.10.2019)

Ljekarna Coner (Bjelovar-2)

Time: 13:00 – 14:30
Location: Prilaz A.Hebranga 8a

Ljekarna Coner (Vrbovec)

Time: 16:00 – 17:30
Location: Trg P.Zrinskog 10

Ljekarna Coner

Time: 11:00 – 12:30
Location: Masarykova (Bjelovar)

Pura Vida Organic skincare products


Cosmos Organic CBD Skincare

Croatian cosmos certified skincare badges

Pura Vida Organic is one of the first Cosmos certified CBD skincare producers. We produce handmade, cruelty-free & environmentally sustainable skincare. Pura Vida means ‘Pure Life’ – and it is our mission to deliver truly organic cosmetics using only the highest quality unrefined butters, botanical extracts, CBD and plant oils that live up to our name.

We’re re-inventing organic skincare.

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COSMOS certified CBD Skincare 

We’re committed to delivering high quality luxury CBD cosmetics that are pure, organic and effective – and we have the certificates to show it.

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Lavender vegan CBD Balm

CBD Balms

Our CBD balms are our favorite multi purpose skincare line. Pura Vida Organic balms soothe rough and damaged skin, alleviate redness and swollen areas and hydrate all skin types. The soothing and repairing properties of CBD make it the ideal ingredient for all-round skincare. We never leave home without one.

Pura vida organic tattoo butter side view

Tattoo butter & balms

The Pura Vida Organic tattoo range is deigned for both tattoo artists and clients. Our tattoo butters help the tattoo artist keep the area lubricated and unswollen, and our aftercare balms help heal your new tatt, keeping it looking brand new and reducing swelling, redness and irritation.

CBD oil 7.5%


THC Free CBD oil’s made using EU Certified Organic Hemp and gently extracted using the CO2 extraction method to keep the CBD as pure as possible. From 3% to 7,5%. 

CBD massage oil Sensual

CBD Massage Oil

A range of luxurious and relaxing massage and aromatherapy oils.

Soothing for body and mind.

Mens aftershave

Mens CBD skincare

A range of organic & natural CBD products specifically made for men.

CBD Facial Elixer

CBD Skincare

Pura Vida Organic skincare is designed specifically to target certain skin types and skin conditions, available in an array of refreshing scents. From problematic skin to anti aging elixers, we have a CBD solution for you.

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Hemp plant

CBD – Cannabidiol

The star ingredient.

We produce our unique range of cosmetics with many incredible ingredients, but for us, the star remains CBD – Cannabidiol from Hemp. If you have heard of the benefits of hemp and CBD, you’re going to love Pura Vida Organic CBD cosmetics and skincare products.

“Pura Vida”

A phrase originating from Costa Rica which translates to “pure life” or “simple life”. It is a way of life. A path you choose when you know what’s best for your body and mind. It is a philosophy we apply to our lives, the things we consume, and the products we create. To us, Pura Vida means providing you with the purest possible natural alternative to mainstream cosmetics, with minimal environmental impact.

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White Label

We’ve spent years learning how to perfect and package great products.

We’re here to help you with yours.

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CBD Facial Elixer

Best Selling Products

Pura Vida Organic skincare products

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All of our products are handmade.

Creating more jobs for our community.

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Our skincare is cruelty free.

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Perfectly balanced for your skin.

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100% plant based ingredients.


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