Organic certified CBD skincare.

We produce organic skincare & cosmetics.

CBD oils, CBD anti aging serums, moisturisers, balms, elixirs, massage oils, body butter, shaving gels and many more to come.

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4 puravida organic cbd skincare products
¿Que nos hace diferentes?
Aprenda sobre nosotros, por qué nos llamamos Pura Vida, un dicho de Costa Rica que significa 'Vida pura', y de cómo somos pioneros en nuestro propio camino en la belleza orgánica.
Biodynamic farming.
We work closely with many of the farmers of our raw materials. Our lavender comes from the local island of Hvar, or Hemp is grown nearby biodynamically and specifically for us. From seed to shelf, we work with people who share our environmental values.
Recyclable & reusable packaging.
Ponemos todo nuestro esfuerzo para migrar a opciones libres de plástico, mientras tanto, todos nuestros productos utilizan vidrio reciclable y reutilizable, aluminio, y solo donde sea absolutamente necesario y mientras no existan mejores opciones: plástico reciclable.
Sustainable packaging.
Nuestras cajas están hechas de 25% de hierba, utilizando un recurso más abundante que la madera para crear el empaque único que alberga nuestros productos.
Hecho a mano
Nuestros productos están hechos con cuidado por las maravillosas mujeres de nuestra comunidad que hacen de cada día una experiencia nueva y divertida. Nuestro objetivo es crear empleos para las madres ❤


Organic, minamalist, handmade.

We started this company because we could not find simple organic products for our skin types, that used quality ingredients, that weren’t mostly water, that met our standards and proved their quality through third party certifications. We’re fussy eaters, and we’re picky with what we use on our skin. We plan to set a new, higher standard in skincare.

How it all started

CEO Quote

“Pura Vida started as a personal journey in creating skin care products that could be used on my sensitive skin. I couldn’t find 100% natural and organic products that met my standards – so I made them myself. Once I discovered what really worked for my skin I wanted to share it with everyone else.”

Jennifer Pura Vida Organic CEO
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CBD Skincare

& organic cosmetics


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