Tattoo Butter - Calming, Soothe, Regenerate (With CBD)


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Tattoo Butter - Calming, Soothe, Regenerate (With CBD)

from  18.00

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100% Organic and Natural Ingredients


New tattoos?

  • Instantly calm and soothe
  • Moisturise, repair & restore
  • Re-hydrate and condition the skin
  • Provide ultimate comfort and softness
  • Neutral formula for sensitive skin
  • No itching, dryness, redness, swelling
  • Active ingredients to feed and regenerate the skin

Tattoo artist?

  • Our tattoo butter has the perfect consistency in any climate
  • The tattoo butter prepares the skin for tattooing by making it soft and supple
  • Just the right amount of glide while tattooing
  • Encourages moisturization and faster repair of the area after tattooing
  • Immediately calms the tattooed area

With CBD: Extra power to reduce swelling of the area, itching, uncomfortable feelings

Awesome choice of scent to keep your mind alert and creative.

It does not clog tubes or lead to any type of ingredient build-up

Customer reviews

5.0 rating

Reccommed this as a tattoo artist.

5.0 rating
September 2, 2019

I currently own a tattoo shop in Poland and keep our shop well stocked with these butters. We use them while tattooing customers and also sell them loose so the clients can ease the itching and irritation after getting a new tatt. Very nice scent and consistency. Better than the other butters on the market. Keep it up with the tattoo range puravida!


Works well

5.0 rating
May 22, 2019

I love natural and organic products . so when I went for my latest tattoo I asked the tattoo artist to try this new balm I had purchased. And we both loved it. It smells nice, its very lubricative and moisturising of the area at the same time. And I used this for the caring of my tattoo afterwards too. Perfect!

Amanda Foss

INCI ingredients

Mangifera indica seed butter, *Butyrospermum parkii butter, *Ricinus communis seed oil, *Oriza sativa wax, *Cannabis sativa seed oil, *Olea Europaea oil, *Helianthus annuus seed oil, *Cocos nucifera seed oil, *Rosa canina fruit oil, *Lecithin (sunflower), *Boswellia carterii gum extract (Frankincense), *Chamomilla reticutita flower extract (Chamomile), *Commiphora myrrha extract (Myhrr), ***Cannabidiol, Tocopherol


*Organic certified ingredients

***Contains cannabidiol (CBD) which is naturally present in the raw material




Unique ingredients

Shea butter

Castor oil

Hemp seed oil

Olive oil

Sunflower oil

Coconut oil

Rosehip seed oil

Sunflower lecithin

Orange peel essential oil


How to use

Before tattoo:

Apply to the area to prepare and condition the skin. Can be used when applying the stencil

During tattoo:

To help lubricate the area and provide just the perfect amount of glide

After Tattooing:

Use immediately after tattooing and for the entire time the skin needs to repair and regenerate. All natural and organic ingredients. Suitable for all skin types. Use as often as needed.

What to expect


Completely hydrated and soft skin

Supple and conditioned skin

Repair and regenerative

Calm skin



Easy to use

100% Organic & natural ingredients

Does not remove stencils


Ideal for

New tattoo

Old tattoos

Rough skin

Tattoo artists

Discover The Future of CBD Skincare

& organic cosmetics


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